Social Prescribers / Link Workers

Working in conjunction with connect well and Citizens Advice Bureau

A link worker will be available to assist patients with welfare and social advice

Home Visiting Team


Paramedic Neil Boothby, who was originally seconded to us and worked in the Paramedic Home Care Team for 2 years, now leads our Home Visiting Team

Home Visiting Team.jpg

Joined by Paula Jackson (Paramedic and Urgent Care Practitioner), Emma Kean (Nurse Practitioner), Zoe Nicholson (Care Coordinator) and Sarah Taylor (Care Coordinator), the team works alongside the Practices to deliver home visits quicker with a more appropriate skilled team member.

Pharmacist in Primary Care

Working in conjunction with Hull University Hospital Trust

Pharmacists commenced working in our surgeries at the beginning of October/ November 


They assist with the safe prescribing and review of medications


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National Service Specifications

Primary care networks (PCNs) will eventually be required to deliver a set of seven national service specifications.


Five will start by April 2020: structured medication reviews, enhanced health in care homes, anticipatory care (with community services), personalised care and supporting early cancer diagnosis. The remaining two will start by 2021: cardiovascular disease case-finding and locally agreed action to tackle inequalities.

As a primary care network we will also be expected to think about the wider health of our population, taking a proactive approach to managing population health and, from 2020/21, assessing the needs of their local population to identify people who would benefit from targeted, proactive support. 


From 20/21 we also be looking at others services and possibility of engaging  physician associates and first contact physiotherapists.