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Symphonie Primary Care Network provides proactive, coordinated care for our local populations, in  different ways to match different people’s needs, with a strong focus on prevention and personalised care.


This is our first year as a PCN however we have been successfully working closely as a federation of practices for two years. 

Our commitments this year are to:

  • Provide extended opening hours

  • Engage a Pharmacist

  • Engage a Social Prescriber 

As a group of 8 practices our main aim is to work collaboratively to improve services and health outcomes for our patient population working in conjunction with community health providers and hospital trusts.

We support patients to make informed decisions about their own health and care, and connect them to a wide range of statutory and voluntary services to ensure they can access the care they need first time.

Symphonie PCN have a collective patient population circa 52,000 and we believe we are the optimum size to enable us to continue to work effectively together and improve patient services and health outcomes.

We have a greater focus on population health and

addressing health inequalities in our local area,  using data and technology to inform the delivery of population scale care models .



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